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R&D Tax Relief is a valuable government tax initiative set up in 2000 to reward UK companies that spend time and money on research and development in to order to develop new products, processes, materials, devices or services; or enhancing existing ones within their industry sector.



Research and development allowances (RDAs) are available on certain capital expenditure. RDAs can be utlised at 100%.

A balancing charge will occur at the point the asset is sold or demolished, but not if the asset ceases to be part of the research and development activity in subsequent years.

Fixed Asset Analysis

A capital allowance is the sum of money a UK business can deduct from the overall corporate or income tax on its profits. These sums derive from certain purchases or investments, outlined in the Capital Allowances Act 2001. 

If a survey has not been completed by a capital allowance surveyor, we can help identify the hidden tax benefit held within your commercial property.

Land Remediation

Derelict or contaminated land can pose a dilemma to developers and investors alike as the cost of regenerating it can turn a financially viable project into an enviable one.

However, savings are available from the Government keen to encourage the redevelopment of contaminated sites.

keeping the wheels of business turning…

If you are a business developing a product, process, system or service you could be eligible for R&D Tax Relief.

Every year, HMRC set aside £4.5b for R&D Tax Relief. See if you are eligible for relief today !

Your journey with us…

Step 1 - Contract Signed

Qualification on the status of project/s and qualifying costs are undertaken and the Client instructs IRS

Step 2 - Technical Call

A technical call takes place with senior staff to identify key staff, expanding upon projects and their timescales

Step 3 - Audit Visit

A site visit takes place to forensically identify qualifying costs & projects and advances gained

Step 4 - Post Audit Documents

Request additional information,
if required

Step 5 - Report Submitted

Payout from HMRC in 4 to 6 weeks

What our Customers are saying…

Sector: Mechanical Engineering Company

“We are very pleased with the results of our HMRC Claim. We had no idea that such a lot of extra money was available, but the tax specialists identified it for us and they will be helping us again in other areas as the business grows.”

Dave, East Yorkshire

Sector: Health Supplements

“Innovation Relief recognised that my company could qualify for a Research and Development claim and their tax experts ensured we received the maximum financial benefit. In fact, I was surprised that we were entitled to such a considerable sum which we have now been paid. The process was fully supported, simple and risk free. I would recommend Innovation Relief to any business as there may be a lot of money, they are entitled to that they know nothing about”

Eric, Director. Surrey.

Sector: IT Systems

“We were extremely impressed with the high degree of professionalism, specialist technical knowledge and the quick turnaround for making the application. The team at Innovation Relief Specialists are a highly recommended and trusted partner”


Mubarak, Lancs.

Sector: Video and Software Development

“Thanks to Innovation Relief our claim was painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! We received a cash sum quicker than expected and best of all, Innovation Relief didn’t charge us a penny until our claim was successfully completed”


Adam, Hull.


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